How to Choose and Apply

St. Michael’s Prep School Code is: 052273

19292 El Toro Road, Silverado, CA 92676-9710 (N.B.: This is not your permanent home address.)

Aim High, Middle, & Low
* Middle: Apply to schools that have what you seek, & you have a reasonable chance of getting into & affording.
* High: Apply to your ideal schools, even if you think you won’t get in or can’t afford it. You never know.
* Low: Apply to some “safety” schools so that you’ll have someplace to go if the others fall through.

Considerations: Are you more comfortable in a huge crowd or a small community? Will you learn more in small classes or in larger ones? Are you self-motivated, or do you need more structure? Is it important for you to be anonymous, or do you need to be held accountable? Do you know what precisely you want to study, or do you seek a more well-rounded education? Are there particular sports, clubs or activities that you definitely need to participate in during college? Do you want to stay near home, or go far away? Is your faith as strong, or is it shaky? Do you prefer a particular kind of liturgy to keep you motivated to attend Mass every Sunday? Are you tempted by certain kinds of sins; what kind of environment will help you avoid them? Is the housing system morally acceptable?

Regular Decision: A specific application deadline, usually in late fall/early spring. All applications are evaluated at once with notification usually in February.
Early Decision: Committing to attend that college if admitted. Only one of these allowed.
Early Action: Apply early; get notified early; no commitment. You may do several of these. (N.B.: Adding words like Single Choice or Restrictive may limit your ability to apply Early to other colleges.)
Rolling Admissions: No application deadline, but “first come, first served” on admission. Quick response on admission.

The Newman Guide recommends & describes faithful Catholic schools which share the educational philosophy which you have chosen at St. Michael's. We are on their Catholic high school Honor Roll, & so our graduates are sought by these colleges. Sixteen of these schools are also recommended by U.S. News &World Report’s Best Colleges 2015.

The Common Application is an easy way to apply to many colleges at once. Some recommended colleges using the Common App are: Ave Maria University, Catholic University of America, DeSales University, Hillsdale College, University of Dallas

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